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A Dream [world] Wedding.

White Tigers. Tower of TERROR. Candy. Dreamworld. Rollercoaster. Carousel. 


Tiffany & Clifford



Who would’ve thought of…a dream[world] wedding? I would like to think my use of puns is quite witty, but looking at the clock and noting that it is almost 4am…the reality is that I am probably not so witty. Anyway, we filmed Tiffany & Clifford’s pre-wedding and wedding day video back in August (and we had a blast), but their wedding day is being exclusively reported by a certain magazine so we’re unable to share with you anything just yet. So with no photos or videos from their wedding day to share, Tiff, Cliff  and little Zy decided in the meantime that it would be a rad idea to do a wedding photo session at Dreamworld with us. Okay this is a long blog post, but I couldn’t help myself…there are just too many amazing photos and I didn’t know how to pick!

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Little Zy had cleverly brought a map of dreamworld for us, but we decided that we would just go with the flow and explore for ourselves as we had the whole day to work with… First stop, the candy shop of course! It was such a hot day that I think we spent more than $50 on water.

The staff at Dreamworld were extremely welcoming, and even let us on the carousel by ourselves.

I don’t mind going on Dodgem cars and carousels..but to be honest I’m not a ride person and Cliff isn’t one either.. But fortunately for me, I had a legitimate excuse NOT to go on the rollercoaster… we climbed up a few flights of stairs and found an awesome spot to take this one shot of the rollercoaster….So props to Cliff for being so brave!….Here we are checking out the rollercoaster..and how fast it goes….Because of where we were standing…we only had about 3 seconds to make the shot work.

Don’t underestimate the ride above just because it’s in the kids section. Just watching Cliff, Tiff & Zy spinning around made me dizzy!

Comment if you can spot little Zy on the ride below!


By Bottle-of-fun-Chaddy.




Limo Hire Melbourne - December 11, 2011 - 9:37 am

Beautiful bride. Great wedding photograph.

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