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Emmalea + Tony : Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding

Emmalea and Tony are easily one of the bravest, most easy-going couple we’ve come across. I think down-to-earth is an understatement. They’re more like genuine beyond the word genuine. We could sit there for hours talking to them, picking their brains for planning trips to really awesome places.  They’ve been on some crazy adventures together. On the day of the wedding, Tony was telling us stories of their trip to Colombia, which involved trekking, guns and guerilla warfare…we were completely lost in their stories! Inspired by their trips to all these places…I went to flight centre recently to try get some info on planning a short trip to Tibet, but it was quite obvious the travel agent had no idea what she was talking about. And when we were talking to E + T about this, they gave us so much priceless info that my brain is about to explode with re-planning everything! Below, you’ll notice their little mini-dachshund slinky who keeps Emmalea company when Tony is away for work. And you know how people say that dogs take on their owner’s traits…it’s quite obvious that Slinky takes after a bit of both Emmalea & Tony’s traits. Slinky is quite the lady, she’s very inquisitive and is so clever that she can even tuck herself into bed like a human!

And then, halfway through the reception…the following events happened… If your name happens to be the talented George Wu, please cover your eyes now. If this had happened to another bride, I would have expected that Bridezilla would have unleashed at that instant, and ducked for cover…. but Emmalea is truly one of a kind, and she has this amazing ability to view everything in such a positive light….that I couldn’t help but giggle with her as I snapped these images.

We had the most delicious beef cheek for dinner- I quizzed the chef for where he sourced it! If you know anywhere else to get beef cheek, please, please, PLEASE let me know!

I also couldn’t help getting onto the dance floor and breaking out some of my own moves. Thanks so much for having us Emmalea & Tony. As you can tell we had a blast.

With love from, Oliver, Chaddy & Jason.

Ailee Redding - July 25, 2012 - 10:30 am

Amazing, gorgeous, fabulous photos of Em n Tony’s Wedding.

Oliver - August 14, 2012 - 5:09 am

Thanks Ailee! We had so much fun, good meeting you too! 🙂

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