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Jessica & Jacob: Engagement Botanical Gardens, Waterloo Hotel, Brisbane CBD

We met Jessica & Jacob last weekend for their engagement shoot. And the night before, I was frantically checking the weather forecast to see if it would rain. I’m never really worried about rain because we’ve shot in hailstorms, snow and…anything that mother nature throws at us. But I do know that some people despise rain, so we always have back-up plans in mind for shooting on location indoors. On our way to meet J&J, I was relieved to receive a SMS from Jess to say that “apparently it’s supposed to rain, so we’ll bring an umbrella”. Straight away I knew that it would be a good day coming. J&J are one of the most down to earth, loving couples that I’ve met..and here are some shots from the City Botanical Gardens and around Brisbane CBD to prove it. We were lucky to only encounter a few sprinkles of rain and beautiful overcast weather.

After we left the Botanical Gardens, Jessica’s feet started blistering from wearing heels and we decided to stop to find the nearest convenient store to buy band-aids…but just before we set off, we saw this one shot and said that we could later come back to it… and next thing you know..Jessica has run across the road barefoot for us…and put on her heels again. What a champ!

After roaming around the city and trying to avoid lunch-time pedestrian traffic, we went to the Waterloo Hotel in Newstead for coffee and a few quick shots (that was one of my original rainy-day back-up venues). Turns out that aside from being an architect, Jessica is also a photographer! Naturally, there was so much to talk about that time just flew past. Thank you for an amazing day J&J!

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