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Michelle & George: Brisbane Wedding Registry

After having their wedding ceremony overseas, Michelle & George decided to make it official back home in Oz. When we met, George actually told us that they had 3 different photographers overseas because he was drawn by the different styles of each photographer….So I was quite flattered when we were chosen as his exclusive photographers in Down Under.

Michelle & George are one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet…actually, that may be an understatement…

Waiting outside for the ceremony to begin, I asked Michelle where she ordered her bridal bouquet from…because they looked and smelt sooo good! She then revealed to me that George had actually spent the day before buying the roses and arranging it himself! This is the kind of stuff that makes your heart melt…and then you get a bit warm and fuzzy inside….and you want to go on a hugging spree. YES! share the love!


Vendors: Make-up and Hair for the Bride: Chichi @ Glamourconcept


I hope this post brightened up your er…Wednesday….! More to come very very soon!




Linda Bushell - May 12, 2013 - 6:48 pm

so beautifull first time I have seen them together. xx

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