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Sneaky Preview: Valentine Day’s Series.

We’ve shot every weekend since New Year’s and I know I’ve got a large pile of work to do…but my fingers got a little bit itchy…so I couldn’t help but allow myself to edit one photo from today’s shoot for R & S’ Valentines day celebration present…I’m buying Terabytes of hard drives like cookies..although they would probably not taste very good… Okay..enough rambling…back to work…because my to-do-list isn’t getting any smaller!!

What are your plans for V-day?

Valentine's Day





Wedding Video Highlight Reel: Peggie & John

John has recently moved over to the Gold Coast from Canada, and Peggie flew all the way from Hong Kong to spend a week here especially for their wedding ceremony at the Marriott Hotel. Peggie & John are having their second wedding ceremony in Hong Kong early this year, and wanted to show their family and friends overseas their Australian wedding ceremony and also how beautiful the Gold Coast is.

It was an emotional day. And without getting to know them a little better, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that they have survived the agony and the beauty of a long distance relationship. You could just tell that..these two awesome people wanted to be with each other so unconditionally. And that every minute together mattered. And their wedding day highlight reel shows exactly that.

We recommend watching this in High Definition. The HD link is available here: 
Hair & Make-up by Glamour Concept

Lozzie Pop - August 11, 2012 - 10:18 pm

What is the song that is used for that video?

Oliver - August 14, 2012 - 5:09 am

hi Lozzie,
It’s All About Us Feat. Owl City lyrics HE IS WE

Canon 1DX Spotted in Australia?

Late this evening, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a prototype that has striking similarities to the Canon EOS 1 Series DSLR. Could it be an early prototype of the rumoured Canon 1DX ? We heard through the grapevine that a Canon 5D Mark III, 200mm-400mm and the new 600mm lens Prototype has been spotted in Kenya in a field test. This would explain why there is no Canon logo on the camera! They must have taped it all up.

It looks like this prototype is an unprecedented larger XL size and the new LCD has been upgraded to non-glossy photo quality paper and  they’ve melted the buttons into the camera body- does the new camera have heat sensor capabilities??


Should we take a closer look to see if it really is the long awaited Canon 1DX? Did Canon really send Oliver a 1DX prototype to play with for his birthday?????

NO! My sister Chichi & I made this for Oliver’s birthday! Chichi is also taking pre-orders for camera cakes! I’m sorry if this got you all excited, but it was really all for kicks because Canon hasn’t released a new 1-series in time to celebrate Oliver’s birthday this year- so this would be the next best thing! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVER!!!!

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Chaddy & Chichi ^o^


Paul - January 25, 2012 - 2:53 am

Happy birthday Oliver! Shame no camera yet… nice cake though!
I just happened across your site and thought I would say hello from Japan.
I like your photos in the top banner, very nice!

Sachin Jain - December 21, 2015 - 3:18 pm

i like this on

Amy and Warwick in Dungog, Newcastle.

This is going to be an unusually long post today… Oli & I hopped onto the earliest flight from Brisbane to Newcastle and we were given instructions to look for a shuttle to take us to Dungog. Dungog is a country town on the Williams River in the Upper Hunter Valley in New South Wales, and it has a population of about 2000 people.  And to say the least- Dungog is breathtaking.  There were a few minor dramas on the way to Dungog- one couple in particular had left their suit-bags at the Brisbane airport so our shuttle made a quick stop to the nearest shopping centre before heading down to meet Amy & Warwick. The wedding was held at Quartpot Downs owned by Amy’s mother Joy & Step-dad Rodney- 2000 acres of a landscape photographer’s dream and is also home to 550 Head of Beef. The named beef (Triple R Beef)  was served at Amy & Warwick’s wedding reception- it’s probably an understatement to say that it’s the best beef I’ve ever had! I could probably go on forever talking about our time in Dungog, but you’re all here waiting to see the photos, so I’ll let Amy & Warwick’s story speak for itself.

Matt Ethan - January 18, 2012 - 9:23 am

Outstanding! I love every picture, especially the getting ready shots!

Oliver - January 19, 2012 - 4:33 am

Thanks Matt! It was a beautiful wedding to photograph!

Jodie - January 28, 2012 - 7:34 am

Amazing pics and a really special day – thanks for having us Amy and Warwick – you guys look great and what awesome pictures to cherish xx

Rachel & Owen: Engaged!

It’s the beginning of a new year… Thank you to all those that have supported us in 2011, we wouldn’t be here without you. We have met so many beautiful people, who have continued to inspire us and our work- We can’t thank you enough. Thank you also to our entire team- you guys are unstoppable. So bring on 2012. We’re ready for a year full of travelling, magic, and anything that comes our way.

To start off the year, here is Rachel & Owen’s engagement shoot. Owen met Rachel in a way that would make you think he borrowed a line from a movie. They met at a dog park and when Owen first set eyes on Rachel, he knew that this would be the girl that he wanted to marry. And as it goes, Owen’s dog conveniently met Rachel’s dog and caused just enough fuss to allow Owen to introduce himself. And this engagement shoot purports to be reminiscent of that first glance…When Owen met Rachel.

We later went inside GOMA and explored Yayoi Kusama’s breathtaking installations and sculptures.

Above: Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever

More to come!  VERY SOON!


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