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Rachel & Sam: Raining on your wedding day….

There is an old wives’ tale about rain on your wedding day bringing good luck….For the Irish it’s a blessing, and in Hindu it is believed that rain on your wedding day is good luck as a wet knot is harder to undo.  And some detest the idea that it could rain on their parade…I’m not one to be superstitious and admit to knowing nothing about superstitions…but in any case, I’m a BIG FAN of rain. I often get asked whether I have a backup plan should it rain…..and the answer is…if you’re up for it, I’m up for it. Some of my favourite work has been shot in the rain. I find something so romantic about shooting in the rain….especially kissing in the rain.  The water puddles act like a natural reflector and the natural lighting is optimal with overcast clouds floating around. So as you can probably guess, I’m not a fan of shooting weddings with umbrellas.  I find it’s overdone and dull. I have yet to come across anything which has inspired me to shoot with umbrellas..

I came back from shooting Rachel & Sam shivering and soaking wet, but it was well worth it and I’d jump at the chance to do it again any day. I’m not suggesting that you’d have to get soaking wet with me on your wedding day. I’m just saying that there are creative alternatives to using umbrellas should it rain. We decided to shoot at Roma Street Parklands as there is plenty of foliage which could shelter the bridal party from the downpour of the rain (they kept pretty dry whilst I stood in the rain and took it like a soldier). When it rains, colours are more vibrant and everything sparkles.

On the other hand, when it is a sunny day, I usually advise my clients not to shoot on location during the 2pm time slot as it’s usually when the sun is the strongest (exact times depend on the season of the year)..the bride’s makeup is likely to melt..and it would be torture for the groomsmen to endure shooting in their suits. On a sunny day, I’d also have to use equipment to block the harsh direct sunlight on people’s faces…

What are your thoughts about shooting during the rain?


– Oliver

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