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Ryan + Katrina Pre-Wedding Video “I’m Yours”

Ryan and I went to the same high school, Redeemer Lutheran College. He was a few grades down, so we actually didn’t talk that much at school. Who really wants to be seen talking to younger grade’s students anyway while you are at school (younger girls are an exception??) After all the formal schooling, he ventured into many different careers, and when he found his heart in photography, that is when he found me again through facebook. Who doesn’t stalk people on facebook anyway…? Isn’t it the main purpose of the website? LOL… So we grew closer and closer, and talked more, we even found out that we are from the same home town, his house in Taiwan is like walking distance to my house in Tainan. Do you know what is so amazing? We even went to the same primary school, and we probably have walked past each other more than 20 years ago.  So fate/photography brought us back together, and we live happily ever after… wait..?!?  Sorry my story telling got a bit side tracked here..

The story is all about Katrina and Ryan. I felt privileged when Ryan asked me to shoot his pre-wedding video. It is a simple love story and it shows their relatives in Asia a bit of their everyday living.


Please change the quality to 720p or higher for a better viewing experience. (if your internet is fast enough @@)
(if the embedding is not working, here is a direct link to the youtube video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r14YrU0U7YQ )


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