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Suzy & Mick: The Topiaries at Beaumont

Like good boys and girls we had done our homework earlier and visited the Topiaries at Beaumont a few weeks before Suzy & Mick’s big day. A big thanks to Helen and Peter for looking after us and letting us scout around. We were told that Cedar Creek would only be a short 10 min drive away so we thought we’d go on a little adventure and see how fast we could drive from the venue to test out whether or not we had time to go there for a shoot before the reception… in the end we had a unanimous verdict that we’d stay at the Topiaries…with its luxurious settings and its breathtaking views of Samford valley…there simply was no need to leave.

Mick certainly has a very unique personality to say the least… and we had a ball hanging out with in the morning…he got ready in all of 2 minutes and 25 seconds…and we had another 2 hours to go before we needed to leave for the ceremony…so we decided to take a trip to underneath his house to check out his model bridge he made… and then after that we took the car for a spin and watched a bit of morning cartoon with his niece. It was a bit confusing in the morning trying to differentiate between calling Mikey (our videographer) and Mick…


We then went for a walk…both Mikey…Mick and I….(What a mouthful) around the side of the house..where Mick was telling us about how he met Suzy through the internet…about their instant click. And how he asked her to cook him a blue meal as he only ate blue coloured foods. And how Suzy magically whipped up a blue feast for Mick on their first date. Speaking of food…It’s amazing what you can learn about someone from their fridge magnets. In Mick & Suzy’s case…apparently it’s wonderful to be….the axis of evil haha. Love it.

-Chad & Ooo000li.

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